Financial and Concierge Services

Financial Daily Money Management Services

I can tailor services to meet your or your family’s needs:

  • Routine bill-paying
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Monitoring and examining credit card statements
  • Reconciling investment accounts
  • Budgeting
  • Pre-tax preparation
  • Organizing files, document management
  • Organizing and reviewing mail and other correspondence
  • Tracking and monitoring payments to creditors, insurance companies, medical providers and others
  • Financial management, including coordinating with accounting, investment, insurance, wealth management and real estate professionals
  • Keeping track of medical appointments or arranging transportation.
  • Identifying the need for proper estate planning, including the essential legal documents for planning and protection
  • Assisting clients with estate settlement, together with estate attorney
  • Guarding against fraud and scams targeting the elderly
  • Special projects specific to your household or situation
  • Services may be provided locally in person or remotely

Concierge Services

Families often find themselves faced with the prospects of having to care for aging parents. In some cases, parents are facing diminishing mental capacity. Often times, a parent will become overwhelmed whether due to the death of a spouse, or illness, or other challenging circumstances. There are so many tasks that are involved in caring for parents and loved ones and they are all time consuming and require patience and persistence. These responsibilities are on top of dealing with our own busy lives which often include demanding jobs, travel, managing multiple businesses, children to raise, and with little to no time available, the prospect of handling the additional tasks to oversee aging parents becomes daunting and stressful. For those who live at a distance, the stress only increases as it is nearly impossible to make sure everything gets handled and parents are living well, taking good care and are safe and secure.

I work with individuals to make sure that all their needs are met. I coordinate with family members to assure them that parents and loved ones will continue to live in a safe and secure manner, as they choose or as may be best, given the individual’s needs and circumstances.

My goal is to provide peace of mind and insure your loved ones are being well cared for and protected while preserving their independence and dignity. Services are fully customizable, client by client, and may include:

  • Evaluating specific needs for the parent or family
  • Locating service providers to arrange for care
  • Identifying possible ways to age in place or researching relocation options
  • Making sure medical appointments are arranged, including transportation
  • Communicating with caregivers as needed
  • Arranging appointments for personal care, shopping, and travel
  • Household management and tasks, including grocery delivery, household repairs, housecleaning, pet care appointments
  • Overseeing the sale of property or other assets, including real estate management
  • Other special projects can be arranged as may be needed, locally or remotely

Personalized Evaluation & Plan of Action

Each client’s circumstances are unique. Therefore, the individual client’s needs will be evaluated and priorities will be identified. The idea is to work closely with each client and pertinent family members and design an individualized plan of action focused on providing solutions. There will be coordination with all key parties involved, such as trusted advisors, caregivers or others that are part of the “team” providing ongoing care. Privacy, discretion and confidentiality will be adhered to as required. Transparent communication and regular reporting are crucial. The intention is to collaborate and communicate consistently, review and reevaluate a client’s plan of action routinely, and to make adjustments as needed to provide the best set of services and benefits to the client and achieve peace of mind to the greatest extent possible.

Getting Ready – Preparation

Organizing and gathering information that may be important to you for future reference, so that it is together and accessible when needed:

  • Personal names, addresses, birthdays and contact information for self, children, dependents, designated beneficiaries and other important contacts
  • Accountants and attorneys
  • All banking and finance professionals
  • Bank account and financial account information
  • Insurance policies
  • All online account information including usernames and passwords
  • Healthcare information, pharmacy and prescriptions
  • All medical providers contact information
  • Household related information, including service companies/individuals, utilities, and other related services and account information
  • Loans, lines of credit documentation
  • Social security information
  • Subscriptions
  • Other service providers
  • Other personal information
  • Estate planning documentation
  • Tax documentation
  • Document storage
  • Wishes